Thank you to everyone who came out despite the rain last night!  Once, again, there was a great turnout (but who wouldn’t brave the rain for ice cream??)

food porn with James Koroni of Enforced Arch and Rachel Kay

Among  all the vegan oldtimers, there were a few veg-curious and vegetarians in attendance looking to make the transition to veganism.  Rachel Kay, longtime animal activist and vegetarian since age 10, shared some great tips and resources in the city to make the vegan life easier.   The seasoned ones know, NYC is an incredible place to be vegan.  The correct answer to “Isn’t it hard being vegan?” is a resounding, “NO!”  With all the vegan cafes and restaurants (Candle 79 tops my list), bakeries galore (Cowgirl’s Baking, BabycakesGonepie), and most importantly, Lula’s Sweet Apothecary, it really is one of the most veg-friendly places in the world.  What are your favorite places to wine and dine in the city?

We have an incredible team of mentors who have generously signed up to provide guidance to a new or struggling vegan.  If you’re in need of help, sign up here!  Help is only three blank lines and a circle away!

Join us next week for the next edition of Veg Tuesdays: Business Networking.  Bring plenty of business cards and have a 60-sec commercial ready (optional but highly encouraged!)  Let’s support like-minded professionals and businesses!

Enjoy this gallery of last night’s good fun: